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About Us

Brakelightfoto is our image bank of photos of our travels, which includes an extensive collection of images from in and around Victoria and Vancouver Island which is where we live. You’ll find lots of landscapes, lifestyle shots, shots of historical sites and tourist attractions all categorized to make them easy to find. The photos are easy to download - and prints and other photo related items are available as well.

But ... What the heck is a ‘brakelightfoto’?

Imagine 2 photographers on a road trip stopping every mile or so because we see something to capture on film! "Hey ... Look at that!"  Screech! … there go the brake lights again! It means we usually don’t get too far each day but we love the journey … and that’s what counts!

Capturing images of the outdoors and during our travels and road trips fascinates us and inspires us. We love the outdoors and are avid kayakers, hikers and RVer’s, which gets us into the remote areas we love to explore and photograph.


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We also love Vancouver Island, British Columbia, which is where we live when we’re not traveling. You can usually find us prowling the rugged landscape, visiting tourist spots as well as festivals and iconic Victoria landmarks … taking photos as we go!

Before getting sidetracked by other career choices, Bruce worked part-time as a professional photographer shooting weddings and portraits and shooting images for commercial projects. Linda has had a longtime interest in photography and videography, has been to film school and produced an award-winning documentary. Taking photos together has always been a big part of our lives.


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We now keep ourselves busy managing two websites that Linda has developed,, A One Stop Traveler’s Guide to Victoria, B.C. and, a travel blog documenting our travels in our venerable1988 Class C motorhome.

These two websites are naturally photo-heavy and constantly inspire us to create more articles, requiring more images.

This has resulted in the creation a good-sized image bank and luckily for us, more and more requests for the use of our photos by other web designers and companies.

Bruce & Linda Out & About!

We hope that you enjoy our photos as much as we enjoy taking them and if you can’t find what you need in our image bank and depending on where we may happen to be, we are available to take images on assignment. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

250-812-8377 - Bruce

250-812-8378 - Linda